February 19, 2023

The Right Mountain

Passage: Matthew 17:1-9

We suppose He, Jesus, didn’t have to do it—suddenly appear with His glorious divine nature shining through His human nature and clothing. No, He didn’t have to do it for Himself, but He did it for that inner circle of the disciples and through their testimony also for us. Especially as we prepare to see His human suffering, betrayal, and humiliating death, our faith needs to be made even more certain. Certain of what? Certain that while Jesus is a human being like us, He is also and continues to be of one substance with God the Father, true God in the flesh. Because of who He is, Jesus will perfectly obey the Father’s will, make full and sufficient payment to the Father for our sins by His suffering and sacrificial atonement, and provide victory over sin, death, and the devil by His resurrection from the dead. He is the content and substance of faith in each believer.


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